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4G DTU complete, Sentek Multi (USA)
4G DTU complete, Sentek Multi (USA)
Product Number: 04117
4G DTU complete, Sentek Multi (USA)

Product includes:

  • Solar Panel Kit, Sentek Plus, 5 Watt (PN 05001)
  • Battery, with connection cable, 12 volt (PN 80000)
  • 4G USA Modem, Sentek Plus & Multi (PN 30041)
  • Sentek MULTI housing (PN 04100)
  • Sentek MULTI, mainboard complete (PN 04091)
  • Sentek MULTI 4G USA modem cable (PN 04073)
  • Sentek MULTI, Pressure switch connection PCB (PN 04078)

NOTE: Does NOT include antenna, probe cables or probe to DTU connector, or mounting pole. These items to be ordered separately.

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