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4G AU Modem Upgrade Kit, Sentek RT6
4G AU Modem Upgrade Kit, Sentek RT6
Product Number: 60006
4G AU Modem Upgrade Kit, Sentek RT6 This kit includes:
- Modem (Part 60008)
- Modem (to RT6 mainboard remote port) Cable (Part 60007)
- IrriMAX Live Subscription (Part 08998)
- IrriMAX Live Setup (Part 08897)

- Distributor must provide database (.sdb file) and customer at time of order
- changes to database and/or customer require manual admin changes and will incur the IrriMAX Live Setup fee (Part 08997)
- Antenna not included
Before purchasing this item please consult with your account manager as this system may not work with certain versions of RT6. This system requires a 20 W solar panel (not supplied by Sentek) and a telemetry switch (Part Number 80002)

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