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Sentek PLUS

Sentek Plus is Sentek's wireless probe to internet solution. Sentek Plus utilises GPRS, 3G (NextG), Satellite and CDMA (Verizon) communication technology to send soil water data directly from the probe to the internet. Data is retrieved from the internet to be viewed in Sentek's IrriMAX software or via IrriMAX Live.

Sentek Plus is available with EnviroSCAN, Drill & Drop and EasyAG probes. Probes are configured with Sentek Plus RS232 interface with in-built logging capability.

Sentek Plus Data Transmission Unit (DTU)
The Sentek Plus DTU is located in close proximity to the probe via 5 metres of cable. Click here to watch the promotional video.

The lithium batteries found in the Sentek Plus Compact require special freight arrangements, since they are considered by safety authorities as dangerous goods. This may mean additional freight charges, but we will always choose the most economical freight option available. If unsure, please ask when placing your order.

  • Compact DTU
    Compact DTU
  • Standard DTU
    Standard DTU
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    Sentek PLUS Parts & Accessories