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Sentek RT6

The Sentek RT6 datalogger is Sentek's proprietary soil moisture data recording system, providing flexibility in both probe placement and data retrieval options.

Features include:

• Records data from up to 32 Soil Moisture sensors
• One logger can read up to 8 EnviroSCAN or EasyAG probes
• Flexible logging interval ranging from 1 minute to over 16 hours (999 minutes)
• Large data storage capacity
• Flexible power supply options: solar panel, 12 volt battery, mains power
• EnviroSCAN or EasyAG probes are connected to logger by cable
• Cable length up to 500 metres from logger to each probe

Options for Data Access:
• Manual retrieval of logger and download at your PC
• Infield download using your portable PC
• Landline - hard wire to your PC
• Mobile Phone (GSM, GPRS, CDMA)
• Radio

  • Sentek RT6 Logger
    Sentek RT6 Logger
  • RT6 Spare Parts & Accessories
    RT6 Spare Parts & Accessories