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Sentek MULTI


Sentek MULTI is a comprehensive logging and data transmission system that combines site-specific temperature, rain or flow, soil moisture and salinity data in the one Sentek supported product.

Essential site information is collated and sent through the central Data Transmission Unit via GPRS, NextG, Satellite and CDMA transfer to the internet. The continuously updated information can be readily downloaded from anywhere with internet access for viewing in Sentek’s IrriMAX software. Such a wealth of valuable information about the soil, water, plant and atmosphere in the one system provides the end user with an extremely powerful decision making and management tool.

Multiple inputs:

       • Sentek soil moisture/salinity probes
       • Pulse inputs (e.g. rain gauge or flow meter)
  • Additional Sensors
    Additional Sensors
  • Data Transmission Units
    Data Transmission Units
  • Sentek MULTI Parts & Accessories
    Sentek MULTI Parts & Accessories