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Diviner 2000

The Diviner 2000 Probe

Diviner 2000
is a portable and robust device measuring soil water over multiple depths (at 10 cm intervals) in the profile. Diviner 2000 consists of a probe and hand-held data logging display unit allowing the user to make onsite management decisions at up to 99 sites. 

The Diviner 2000 probe is available in 3 lengths, 0.7 metre, 1.0 metre and 1.6 metres making it ideal for a wide range of applications. The patented "Swipe and Go" technology means that Diviner 2000 does not need to be held at each individual depth in the soil profile. To take a reading the encapsulated capacitance sensor is simply swiped in and out of the access tube, measuring up to 16 depths in just a few seconds.
Diviner 2000 Probe

• Portable
• Light weight
• Automatic depth sensing (up to 16 depths)
• Inbuilt probe orientation to increase sensor repeatability
• Quick, accurate and precise
  • Diviner 2000 0.7 metre
    Diviner 2000 0.7 metre
  • Diviner 2000 1.0 metre
    Diviner 2000 1.0 metre
  • Diviner 2000 1.6 metre
    Diviner 2000 1.6 metre
  • Diviner 2000 Parts & Accessories
    Diviner 2000 Parts & Accessories